How to Digipede Enable a Spreadsheet in Five Minutes

Digipede was proud to exhibit at the recent Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. As part of the event, Microsoft invited attendees and exhibitors to enter five-minute videos "showing off" their technology.

Digipede Product Manager Dan Ciruli used the five minutes to take a very long-running Excel spreadsheet, Digipede-enable it, and watch it run 10 times faster. And all of that with less than two dozen lines of code.

Click here to view the video.

Please note that the video was produced for broadcast quality; it is presented here in a smaller size and the text may be hard to read. You'll still get a great idea of how easy it is to Digipede-enable .NET code.

Some viewers have had difficulties with the WMV file; please ensure you have the most recent codecs for your video player.