Digipede Framework SDK

The Digipede Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) provides developers with the tools and information needed to grid-enable applications quickly and easily. With varying levels of integration from distributing and running command-line executables to remote execution of .NET objects, scaling out compute-intensive and transaction-intensive applications with the Digipede Framework SDK can provide order-of-magnitude performance improvements, often with just a few lines of code.

Scale Out. Speed Up. Do More. Faster.

Whether you need to scale out the middle tier of an enterprise application, increase the scalability of a complex Web application, or improve the performance of a compute-intensive scientific application, the Digipede Framework SDK is the tool of choice for Windows developers.

Experienced developers know that effectively scaling out applications can be challenging. The Digipede Framework SDK is designed to support developers who want to scale out their applications without writing the underlying distributed computing plumbing themselves. With the Digipede Framework, you can incorporate the functionality of the Digipede Network in your own applications, without learning new and complex parallel programming techniques.

Grid-Enable Your Applications

The Digipede Framework SDK lets you add the power of grid computing to any application—with as few as 20 lines of new code. The API supports distributed execution of .NET objects and COM servers; your software runs seamlessly on the grid. Whether you are working in COM or .NET, Visual Basic 6 or C#, with the Digipede Network you can improve your application's performance and scalability with the most intuitive grid computing solution available today.

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The Digipede Network recently received four stars in a product review in Software Development Magazine.
The Digipede Network also received five stars for technical merit in a product review in CRN Magazine.

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