Search Algorithms in Life Sciences

The field of life sciences features many compute- and data-intensive problems that are naturally parallel. The Digipede Network is well suited to distributed execution of many bioinformatic algorithms. Models such as BLAST, Smith-Waterman, HMMR, and other genomic and proteomic algorithms can be run across a network of computers without modifying, recompiling, or relinking any code whatsoever. Digipede staff have developed sample applications for running multiple BLAST queries simultaneously that you can make use of on the desktops, servers, and cluster nodes on your network.

This approach takes full advantage of all the computing power available on your network, yet is simple enough to learn in a few minutes with the Digipede Workbench. And unlike systems that require you to learn complex scripting techniques to distribute your application and data, the Digipede Network handles all the "plumbing" for you. When you submit your job, you don't need to worry about which computers will execute each run of your algorithm - the Digipede Network takes full advantage of all available computers on your network, without affecting other users of those computers. You don't need to worry about moving input or output files; the Digipede Network uses intelligent data management, including versioning, distribution, and caching of datasets, to make sure the right information is available where it's needed.