Technical Services: For Users and Administrators

At Digipede, we're not happy until our customers actually use and derive full benefit from our products. Toward that end, we provide training, software implementation and integration services, and project management for all of our offerings. Through partnerships with specialists in each industry we service, we can deliver projects of any scope and depth you require.

The Digipede Network is designed to be simple enough for you to install, learn, and use the system productively yourself. We understand, however, that many organizations may want to customize the system for specific applications, internal network configurations, existing security processes, and other aspects of its existing IT environment. Digipede's Professional Services group will work with your implementation team (including internal or external IT consultants) in deploying your applications on our platform, and integrating the Digipede Network into your existing infrastructure. With two decades of project management experience ranging from one-day software implementation projects to multi-year multi-million dollar research projects, the Digipede staff has the expertise required to make your project a success.