Web Site Applications

As you provide more customer specific information on your Web site, your Web applications need to scale to meet expected (and unexpected) loads. For example, when your clients hit your site to run that customer-specific financial planning model, it might take only a few CPU seconds - but if ten customers hit it at once (or a hundred, or a thousand...) you've got trouble.

Many firms make the costly mistake of building out dedicated server farms to meet the highest imaginable load for their site. With the Digipede Network, you can allocate your resources dynamically - so you can automatically add more power as you need it. Underutilized resources you already own can help power these critical applications.

Depending on the methods used to hand off tasks from your Web server, adapting such Internet applications to use the Digipede API can be accomplished in a few hours or days by a single programmer. Developers need not concern themselves with the number of computers available, which computer performs any specific task, how data is moved to the right computer running a particular algorithm, what to do if a computer leaves the network in the middle of a job, or any of the other "plumbing" needed for successful distributed computing. The Digipede Network handles these functions, leaving your developers free to concentrate on the functionality your customers require.