How It Works

The Digipede Network consists of the Digipede Agents, which manage each of the individual desktops, servers, or cluster nodes; and the Digipede Server, which is responsible for managing the workflow through the system. The Digipede Network includes the following components that aid in creating, submitting, and monitoring jobs: Digipede Control, a browser-based administrative tool; Digipede Workbench, a Smart Client used to define and run jobs; and the Digipede Framework SDK which gives developers the power to grid-enable their applications.

The Digipede Agent

Each Agent gathers key information about the computer on which it runs, including hardware, software, and data resources available locally. Using this information, the Agent chooses the best work for that computer. For many real-world business applications, this approach of pushing decision making to the edge of the network improves the scalability, reliability, flexibility, and throughput over other "command and control" scheduling systems.

The Digipede Control

The Digipede Control is the administrative software for the Digipede Network. It allows you to check information about jobs, compute resources, data resources, and pools in the system. It also allows your Digipede administrator to add or change information about Digipede users and to configure the Agents.

The Digipede Workbench

The Digipede Workbench is designed to shorten the learning curve and enable you to become productive with the system immediately. The Workbench features a rich user interface for running distributed computing jobs - unlike other systems that require complex scripting. Wizards assist you in learning and using the system quickly, and powerful designers provide access to greater system functionality.

The Digipede Framework SDK

The critically aclaimed Digipede Framework SDK lets developers add the power of grid computing to any application with as few as 20 lines of new code. The API supports distributed execution of .NET objects and COM servers; your software runs seamlessly on the grid. The Digipede Framework SDK works with any .NET or COM supporting language and plugs directly into Visual Studio, so your developers can continue to use the tools and languages they already know.

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Grid infrastructure overview diagram