The Digipede Network

The Digipede Network™ is a distributed computing solution that delivers dramatically improved performance for real-world business applications. Built entirely on the Microsoft NET platform, it is radically easier to buy, install, learn, and use than other solutions. See what’s new with the Digipede Network.

Application Performance

The Digipede Network allows you to combine the power of your Microsoft Windows desktops and servers to improve the scalability and speed of your most compute-intensive, transaction-intensive, and data-intensive applications. This powerful software tool parcels out your most complex computing jobs across your network, dynamically allocating the computing power of both dedicated and idle resources.

With increased application performance comes increased business performance.

Easier Is Better

The basic idea of distributed computing has been around a long time; one of the key original justifications for networking computers was to share the load of complex applications. In commercial practice, this good idea got smothered under the weight of needless complexity. Many of the distributed computing offerings in the market today are lengthy management consulting projects, rather than software that delivers value now. With the Digipede Network, there's a better way.

Make the Most of Your Investment

The Digipede Network is the first commercial distributed computing solution to take advantage of the speed, security, and interoperability of Microsoft .NET. This approach provides many direct benefits for your users and developers. The Digipede Network provides the most comprehensive control available for your Microsoft Windows resources - where most of your computing power resides. When creating new applications, your developers can continue to make use of the tools they know best, including Visual Studio .NET - now extended for greater scalability and speed with the Digipede API.