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9/2/2014Digipede Technologies Releases Digipede Network 3.5, With New Cloud Deployment Options and Data Handling Capabilities
12/12/2012Digipede Technologies Releases Digipede Network 3.1, Bringing Grid Computing to New Microsoft Platforms
3/7/2012Digipede Technologies Releases Digipede Network 3.0, Featuring Lower Latency and New Deployment Options
6/28/2010Digipede Technologies Launches Digipede Network 2.4, Bringing Grid Computing to .NET 4
6/12/2009Digipede Technologies Announces General Availability of Digipede Network 2.2
12/10/2008Digipede and Lockheed Martin Team Up to Deliver High-Performance Geospatial Applications
9/22/2008Digipede Delivers .NET Grid Computing Solution for Windows HPC Server 2008
4/29/2008Digipede and Barrie & Hibbert Join Forces to Grid-Enable Modeling Software
3/3/2008Digipede announces its award-winning Digipede Network™ is the first distributed computing solution to earn the Certified for Windows Server® 2008 software certification
2/27/2008Digipede announces the Digipede Network 2.1 at Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Launch Event
2/4/2008Digipede announces free licenses for Microsoft MVPs
11/21/2007Digipede announces partnership with Zeliade Systems
9/17/2007Digipede Launches the Digipede Network 2.0 to Meet Growing Demand for Application Scalability on the Microsoft Windows Platform
7/13/2007Digipede Wins Microsoft ISV Innovation Partner of the Year Award
5/31/2007III Offshore Advisors Selects Digipede for Hedge Fund Analytic Grid

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Articles About Digipede and Grid Computing

10/25/2007GridLINQ and Digipede
10/01/2007 Digipede Network 2.0 Targets Multi-Threaded Apps
7/12/2007 Digipede is Innovation Partner of the Year
6/22/2006Microsoft Previews Next-Gen Financial Servics Solution
5/5/2006Gridlock Alert for Sun Grid? Analysis finds hidden costs in Sun platform, while competing Digipede offering shines
4/3/2006Grid Computing Turns .Net Into Enterprise Powerhouse - Digipede Network Gets Five-Star Review in CRN
1/1/2006 That Parallel Beat: Digipede Network Gets Four Star Review in Software Development Magazine

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