Which Edition Do I Need?

The Digipede Network is designed to scale from small workgroups with a handful of computers to large enterprises with thousands of machines. Below is a table comparing the features of the Team Edition and Professional Edition.

The primary difference between the two is scale - Team Edition is intended for installations with no more than 20 Agents. The Team Edition is ideally suited for a small business, or a single lab or department within a larger organization. With a smaller footprint, the Digipede Server for Team Edition does not require Microsoft SQL Server, and can be run on a workstation running Windows XP or Vista.

The Digipede Network Professional Edition is intended for larger installations, with an unlimited number of Agents which can be allocated to multiple resource pools (e.g. the Accounting Department pool, the Desktop Only pool, the After Hours pool). The Professional Edition can be used by larger departments or entire organizations to bring hundreds or thousands of computers to bear on a variety of applications. The Digipede Server for Professional Edition requires Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008. A complete comparison of the two Editions is found in the table below.

Feature Comparison

Team Edition Professional Edition
# of Agents Up to 20 Unlimited
# of Pools 1 Multiple
User Accounts Up to five Multiple
Digipede Control Web interface Basic Full
Digipede API Yes Yes
Digipede Workbench Yes Yes
Job Priorities No Yes
Job Management Queuing (no priorities) Advanced (Queuing and Adjustable Priorities)
Windows HPC Server 2008 Integration Cycle-scavenge Monitor job scheduler and defer node to HPC Server 2008 jobs
Installation Automatic -
Windows Installer Package
Automatic -
Windows Installer Package
Digipede Server Configuration Basic Full
Agent Configuration Basic configuration Pool-specific configuration options
Security WS-Security/WS-Secure Conversation (WSE 2.0) WS-Security/WS-Secure Conversation(WSE 2.0) & SSL**
Digipede Server OS Requirements Windows XP Professional*, Windows Vista*, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
Database Microsoft SQL Express or Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server Required
Web Server IIS 5.1 or 6.0 IIS 6.0

*Use of the Digipede Network Team Edition with more than 10 Digipede Agents is supported only on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.
**Advanced security configuration may require additional system administration expertise.

Note: The Digipede Network Developer Edition contains the full functionality of the Digipede Network Team Edition but is limited to 2 Digipede Agent Processors.