Digipede Network
Team Edition

Work Faster

You need more power, now. In your office, if you linked 10 computers together today, you'd have more accurate model results - now. In your lab, if you linked 20 computers together today, you'd complete more analysis - today. In your studio, if you linked 5 computers together, you'd have more frames rendered - by tomorrow morning. You don't need another complex IT challenge -- you just need more computing power to improve application performance.

Easy to Use

The Digipede Network Team Edition is designed for you. Team Edition is radically easier to use than other distributed computing solutions. You can install the Team Edition yourself into your existing Windows environment. There are no kernels to compile, no scripts to write, no versions of libraries to test. You can get started without deep IT knowledge or help from outside consultants. The whole process - from purchase to execution of your first job - takes less than an hour. All at a price even your boss will love.

A Real Windows Solution

Team Edition is built on the Microsoft .NET platform, where most of your computing resources reside. These computing resources may be any combination of servers, dedicated cluster nodes, and shared desktops.

Distribute Executables

You can define, run, and monitor your jobs with the Digipede Workbench, which has been designed to shorten the learning curve and enable you to become productive with the system immediately. The Workbench features a rich user interface for running distributed computing jobs - unlike other systems that require complex scripting. Wizards assist you in learning and using the system quickly, and powerful designers provide access to greater system functionality. The Workbench allows you to manage complex jobs from parameter sweeps and Monte Carlo analyses to sophisticated searches and simulations--virtually any command-line executable--without rewriting, recompiling, or relinking any code.

Grid-Enable Applications

For even greater control over your jobs, enhance your applications using the Digipede Framework SDK. For example, with minimal programming behind Microsoft Excel, you can put the computing power of your entire network into your spreadsheets. The Digipede Framework has .NET APIs and plugs directly into Visual Studio, so your developers can continue to use the tools they already know.

Product Contents

The Digipede Network Team Edition includes:

And when you're ready for even greater power and flexibility, the upgrade path from Team Edition to Professional Edition is just as straightforward.