Solutions for Compute-Intensive Environments

Many businesses today face increasingly demanding computational requirements in order to stay competitive. From fast-paced financial services firms to cutting-edge biotech ventures, critical decisions must be based on accurate, rapid, and often highly complex calculations. Successful firms recognize that distributed, or grid, computing is an ideal solution for their compute-, data-, and transaction-intensive applications and services.

How You Benefit from Digipede's Distributed Computing Solution

Distributed computing allows many computers to work together on a single computing problem. In a distributed computing system, computers linked by a network each take on a piece of the problem, enabling a single user to tap the power of many machines.

Most distributed computing solutions remain complex, expensive, and customized. In fact, many "grid-enablement" projects are more like organization transformation consulting projects that require months, if not years, to launch. We've proven that there is a better way.

Digipede provides a software solution that puts the collective power of multiple computers into the hands of users without the need for expensive consultants or extensive IT knowledge. The Digipede Network enables diverse industries to harness the power of their Microsoft Windows computers to accelerate their most important applications.

Our Microsoft .NET-based solution is cost effective, easy to configure, and fully integrated with many different points of the Microsoft technology stack. The Digipede Network eliminates computational bottlenecks so that you can focus on your core business, rather than waste time and resources on building application-specific compute farms. And perhaps best of all, it not only scales up to thousands of nodes, but also down to just a handful. Digipede helps you to demonstrate real-world success in a project group or department, and then expand as necessary throughout your organization.

Learn More About Vertical-Specific Distributed Computing Solutions

Analysts, developers, technologists, and executive decision-makers in a number of industries all benefit from The Digipede Network. Learn about our vertical-specific solutions below:

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