Academic Research

Colleges, universities, research institutes, and labs have diverse compute-intensive analysis requirements. Yet in many departments, limits on computing resources constrain the scope, scale, and accuracy of important research. Internal attempts to eliminate these constraints often result in wasted resources and distraction from primary goals.

Digipede Grid-Enables Academia

The Digipede Network distributed computing solution changes the academic research scenario dramatically. Our grid computing software not only enables you to get more out of your existing resources, but also does so without the complexity of home-grown systems or the high expense of other commercial solutions. Learn more about the Digipede Network.

At Digipede Technologies, we also recognize the role of university research in improving the usefulness of our software. We're committed to close relationship with the academic community in a number of ways:

Recent Examples of Digipede in Academia

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To learn more about the ways in which your academic institution can work with Digipede, please contact us. We'll be glad to discuss your organization's particular objectives and technical infrastructure, and then recommend best next steps.