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Solve Multiple PROMOD IV Simulations Faster on the Digipede Network™

Energy Firms Win Big with Digipede Grid Computing

When you need to complete multiple PROMOD IV simulations in a short period of time, you need convenient access to abundant computing power. Digipede and Ventyx have collaborated on a solution, by adapting PROMOD IV to take advantage of the Digipede Network grid computing software.

What is Digipede

The Digipede Network is a Windows-based grid computing solution available from Digipede Technologies. When paired with PROMOD IV, execution of multiple simulations can be spread across multiple remote computers. Digipede handles all remote job submission, manages execution on each compute resource, manages contention among multiple jobs submitted by multiple users, and delivers simulation results to the location(s) requested, The Digipede Network can deliver order-of-magnitude increases in throughput of PROMOD IV simulations.

When Digipede Fits

When PROMOD IV is used by multiple users that traditionally share computing resources, the Digipede Network provides more efficient use of these resources. It allows users to ignore issues such as who is currently using which machines, since Digipede optimizes usage across all available computing resources.

Users running a large number of simulations will also benefit from Digipede. This situation is common for an analysis that requires a number of what-if scenarios or Monte Carlo draws on input data. By submitting simulations to Digipede, the user is freed from the manual processes required to move input and output data, and to track simulation progress on various machines. This increased automation removes the potential for mistakes and allows the analyst to focus on evaluating the modeling inputs and results rather than implementing manual processes for distributed execution of simulations.

How Digipede Works with PROMOD IV

In the diagram below, the user prepares the simulation data on a desktop or laptop using PROMOD, as usual. Once the user is ready to process the runs, the data is passed to the Digipede Network, through the Digipede Server. At this point, the Digipede Server will check with the Digipede Agents, which may be a mix of servers and workstations, to see which machines are available to process the submitted jobs. The jobs will then be passed to the available machines for processing. Once the simulations are complete, Digipede copies the results to a file server or other specified location.

Digipede and PROMOD IV

How to Get Started

Ventyx and Digipede already have several mutual customers who have been using the Digipede Network to distribute PROMOD IV simulations on grids for years. These customers report dramatically increased performance compared to running PROMOD IV on a single high-performance workstation. They also report that the Ventyx / Digipede solution is quite simple to install and maintain, with no major IT changes required. All you have to do is:

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