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Version 2.4

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In the release of the Digipede Network Version 2.4, Digipede has again delivered new features and performance benefits. New features:

Perhaps more important than any individual new feature, we've addressed numerous performance issues reported by Digipede customers who love to push the envelope on grid development and execution. We've reduced database contention issues, tweaked timeouts for Web Services, streamlined internal mechanisms for transistions of jobs from one state to another -- all to deliver better performance for a wide range of customer use cases. While grid performance is highly dependent on the mix of jobs and the specific configuration of each customer installation, our priority throughout the development of new options in Version 2.4 has been to identify and remove potential bottlenecks.

Version 2.1

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For the first time, Digipede is releasing add-on packages for the Digipede Network. These optional modules (for Digipede Network Professional Edition) give enterprises the information and security they need for large grids and mission critical applications.

In addition to the new packages, Digipede Network 2.1 has these new features:

Version 2.0

Digipede is pleased to announce the release of the Digipede Network 2.0. Weve worked hard to enhance the industrys leading .NET-based grid computing platform, and weve got a lot of great features for users, developers, and administrators alike.

A more powerful API gives you more control over your distributed jobs and the multi-processor, multi-core machines they run on. Improvements to Digipede Control allow administrators to easily manage far larger numbers of compute resources on a grid. Better integration with Microsoft products like Visual Studio and Active Directory means that the Digipede Network fits even more seamlessly into your Windows-based enterprise.

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General Features

Digipede Framework SDK Features

Digipede Control Features

Version 1.3

Many thanks to our loyal and diverse users, who suggested many of the features included in this release. Don't see your favorite feature? Suggest it! Join the Digipede Community (support.digipede.net/community), and post your ideas in the "Feature Suggestions" thread.

General Features

Changes to the Digipede Framework API

Changes to the Digipede Agent

Changes to the Digipede Workbench

Changes to Digipede Control