Can you benefit from partnering with Digipede?

By overcoming complexity, expense and lack of Windows availability, Digipede has dramatically increased the size of the distributed computing market. But we can't do it alone. Bringing distributed computing to the mainstream IT world requires ? and offers opportunities for ? an ecosystem of Digipede Partners. Please consider the advantages of partnering with Digipede Technologies.

Digipede ISV Partners

Is your company an Independent Software Vendor with a Windows-based application that can benefit from faster execution or greater scalability? If so, you could provide much more value to your customers by Digipede-enabling your applications.

Digipede System Builder (Reseller) Partners

Do you supply, customize, and configure Windows desktops and servers to companies with some in-house technical staff? Do you have customers in biotech, finance, engineering, or other industries with compute-intensive problems? If so, look into increasing your sales by adding the Digipede Network to your offerings.

Digipede Systems Integration Partners

Are you a systems integrator doing projects for companies whose compute-intensive applications can't run fast enough on an individual workstation or server? Would they pay you to make their compute-intensive applications run faster on hardware they already have, or new hardware you supply? Would they be pleased if their applications could easily scale by adding additional servers? If so, consider developing expertise on the Digipede Network and recommending it to your customers.

Digipede Platform Partners

Digipede is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, and the Digipede Network is Microsoft .NET Certified. We track developments in Microsoft's Servers and Tools teams, and are in close communication with Microsoft on issues relevant to high-performance computing, scalability, and the .NET platform.